Provisional License (Extended)

PROVISIONAL LICENSE ~ Conditional permission is granted to copy the artwork and prayers on this website, unless otherwise posted, in their entirety, provide that such copies are made without any deletions or additions to the works embodied in the artwork, and not sold for any purpose. We encourage you to use at no cost the “YOUTH ALIVE IN CHRIST ~ CHRIST ALIVE IN YOUTH” emblem for your youth or young adult group. Feel free to make posters, T-Shirts, hats, cups, etc……for fundraising purposes. Permission may also be granted to translate the “YOUTH ALIVE IN CHRIST ~ CHRIST ALIVE IN YOUTH” text into different languages by contacting JMJ Divine Inspirations. We will be keeping track of all translation changes, and we would also like to help you in your many endeavors. God Bless Your Hearts! (GBYH!)